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Prosperity Digital & Technology Salary Report & Survey 2017

The full survey results can be accessed here – Prosperity Digital Salary Survey 2017 While staff retention was the primary difficulty for Digital and Technology […]

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How to keep a good designer?

By Luna Parker There appears to be a clear trend with designers – they tend to never get too comfortable! On average a designer will […]

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Prosperity Irish Digital Salary Survey 2016

The full survey results can be accessed here – Prosperity Digital Salary Survey 2016 In 2016, we have seen significant growth in the digital/tech market. […]

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Leading Social Media Expert to Help Business Boost Their Social Media Impact

INTERNATIONAL Social Media Trainer Greg Fry will host a practical step-by-step guide for businesses on how to build effective social media strategy from engagement to […]

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Prosperity is Ireland’s only specialised recruitment agency to the web sector. Over the last fourteen years Prosperity has been placing digital advertising, marketing, sales, design and development candidates with the majority of the web brands within the Irish market, from the mom‘n’pop online shop right through to many of the world’s biggest web companies.

We have developed a vast number of connections and networks in the Irish and International digital arenas, and we believe that it is our experience aligned with our highly consultative approach that makes us such a consistently effective recruitment partner.

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