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Prosperity Offers GDPR Solution to Irish Business

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will come into force on the 25th of May 2018, replacing the existing data protection framework under the EU Data Protection Directive.

The clock is ticking, and several surveys have indicated a surprising lack of preparedness across Irish business.

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To address this, Prosperity has exclusively partnered with Sytorus to launch a 360 solution to Irish business.

Sytorus is a recognised leader in Data Protection deployment and has developed a platform called PrivacyEngine.

As John Ghent of Sytorus summarises it: ‘PrivacyEngine is a complete solution. In fact we often call it ‘GDPR In a Box’ to our clients so confident are we that our solution will support the Data Protection Officer in everything which they require to manage and demonstrate compliance.’

Prosperity Recruitment marks its seventeenth year in business this year, and has grown to become Ireland’s leading Recruitment Company to the digital sector.

Prosperity will provide data professionals on a contract or permanent basis who are fully trained in the PrivacyEngine platform. These data professionals will be able to enter an organisation and hit the ground running – From day one, they will implement the platform and integrate all of a company’s data and processes into this fully managed and supported system.

According to the Managing Director of Prosperity Recruitment, Gary Mullan, ‘While all companies will have to devise and implement clear procedures around consent of use of personal data and have a sound legal basis for gathering such data, the impact will be most pronounced in the digital world.’

‘The onus is placed firmly on companies to get their act together prior to May 2018 and this will involve significant volumes of work to demonstrate ongoing compliance with the Regulations. Companies will need to completely overhaul the manner by which they communicate with their consumers / users, and this will have major repercussions on how a company should gather and organise their information.’

‘We have talked to clients who are alarmed by the work load and the potential consequences that the GDPR regulations represent. They look at the GDPR and they realise that they need to engage in a root and branch assessment and overhaul of their business.’

‘For busy managers, this is an appalling vista. So what I say to them is don’t panic! Yes, in the short term, it is appalling, but it doesn’t have to be – we can have a fully trained professional on site working with this specialised platform who will seamlessly transition a company to full compliance. In effect, we can take that panic away.’

Gary goes on to say that GDPR will be seismic in its impact across Europe, bringing new responsibilities to business, and penalising those who don’t conform; the consequences for failure to comply are harsh, with fines of up to €20m or 4pc of a company’s turnover.

Gary foresees data as a huge growth area for his sector. He points to a survey of European hiring managers that found that two-thirds of organisations currently have too few cybersecurity and data staff, and the European region faces a projected skills gap of 350,000 data specialist workers by 2022.

Gary adds: ‘As enterprise becomes more data-driven, the jobs market for data expertise and experience is growing at an exponential pace. This is a fantastic area to be in – not only is it fascinating, but according to Harvard Business Review, Data Science is the sexiest jobs sector of the 21st Century.’

If you wish to engage a GDPR Specialist for either a permanent or contract role in your company: Contact Us

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