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A day In The Life of A Director of Social, Search & Performance Media.

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A day In The Life of A Director of Social/Search & Performance Media.

A day in the life of David Hayes, Director of Social/Search & Performance Media, In the Company of Huskies, one of Ireland’s leading creative/digital agencies.

First of all is there a typical day? I’m not so sure so let’s just say this is a mélange of a day!

7.00am: Jump in the shower then afterwards I take a quick 10mins quiet time to de-frag the mind. I find it’s essential to eke out as much quite time as possible working in this industry, I find it grounding.

7.15am: I check my phone for emails, updates, daily schedule and a quick peek at the news.

7.20am: I’m out the door and on my bike. I’m lucky to live close enough to work and I love the morning cycle. Usually I grab breakfast out, not sure why but I need to get out and about in the morning. I usually take the time over breakfast to prioritize the day setting actions and jotting down ideas.

8.30am: It’s good to get into the office a little early to get set up, run through priority mails and get a handle of issues or actions for the team. I usually plan my day with a focus on the team/client work in the morning and agency/team strategy in the afternoon.

9.30am: Depending on the day we run specific project team check-ins to get an understanding on what people worked on the previous day, what they are going to work on that day and if they have any blockers. It’s a quick and simple way to get clarity on what’s running through the agency. We adopted this way of working recently having worked with a US based consultancy and it has improved agency velocity significantly.

10.30am: At the moment the Search/Social/Performance team is growing so my morning is taken up with recruitment requirements. Our vision is to re-configure the team with a view to strengthening our content marketing team of excellence. So for example at the moment I am looking at new roles like outreach and relationship executives and social designers, people with all round creative, design and illustration skills to work solely on social content. I’ve got to say I have a great team they are all incredibly talented individuals and packed full of personality. When I’m hiring, sure I look for ability and passion for the sector but I’m also looking for personality and the ability to fit into the team. In all honesty, it’s the team who do all the hard work!

11.30am -1pm: I’ll quickly check my mails and then check-in with the other agency teams like client service, creative, tech and dev. and digital producers to get an understanding on how work in progress on key projects is progressing. Then I like to put the head down for flow time if I can to work on specific account strategies or key client deliverables.

1pm – Lunch! I usually pick up something in the local neighborhood and depending on the weather I like to take a stroll in the local park, nothing like a bit nature to brighten the day!

2pm-4pm – Client meetings are an important part of the job and more often than not I find myself working with clients to develop integrated digital strategies. I work closely with planning. At the moment my focus with most of our clients is digital brand planning for 2016, helping them understand the complexity of digital and how best navigate it from a brand and channel perspective. Most interesting task at the moment? Helping educate a B2B client to view their world from a H2H perspective.

4.30pm back in the office and time to catch up on mails and then the focus is on agency strategy. I’m off to New York next week to attend a transformative, two-day learning conference for director-level members of the digital agency community hosted by SoDA the Society of Digital Agencies. I’m looking forward to this, I love the opportunity to be able to contribute to and learn from a session like this.

5.00pm – Team WIP – We always have a 45-60min weekly team WIP (work in progress) session. The team runs through each account, identifying current work streams, blockers and any issues. This is a great way for the team to check in and get a full picture of all the accounts.

6pm – I try to get out of the office if I can, it’s important to have good work life balance and like computers our brains have only so much RAM.

7pm: The perfect evening would have to be a cycle home followed by a dip in the sea, there’s something incredibly reenergizing about it. (But let’s face it I’ll more than likely knock this on the head in the winter)

8pm onwards – well let’s just say that’s Dave time!

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