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Why I Love Mondays

Peter Barry is the Sales Director at AD2ONE Ireland.  Joined in October 2012

Company: AD2ONE is a digital sales agency representing an exclusive selection of market-leading, premium websites like LinkedIn, Eircom, MTV, VEVO and many more.  We recently added, Telegraph and MyPlace Connect to our growing portfolio.
Job description: Well I have an amazing sales team around me, so all I have to do is work with them to provide bespoke solutions for (mainly) ad agencies.  We look to align their brands with our publishers in a way that best meets their objectives.  I also work with our MD and Publishing Director to formulate new strategies for the market, as well as identifying new opportunities.  Plenty of challenges, but plenty of fun!
Likes: Digital is a fantastic part of the ad industry to be in at the moment, ever evolving which makes it exciting.  I am learning a hundred new things every day!  Ireland is fast becoming the Silicon Valley of Europe and to be at the heart of it is brilliant.  There is a great attitude in this company, and a real buzz.  I also like challenging the ad agencies whenever I can – They don’t always like it but it’s part of my job and it’s great craic!
Career ladder: I always said I wouldn’t get into sales….then I got into it and never wanted to leave!  I started in sales 13 years ago in an office above a dry cleaners in Kimmage, selling poster units in post offices and credit unions.  It was a tough gig but a great place to cut your teeth.  After that I worked for 98FM as Direct Sales manager, and then Spin 1038.  Things were booming back then and radio was great (and still is).  In 2006 I went to work in press for the Irish Daily Mirror, ultimately as advertising manager ROI.  I made a lot of friends there, press is a great industry full of passionate people.  It’s facing challenges like most other media but they will adapt.  After over six years there I moved into digital and here I am!  If I have any advice to someone starting out in media sales it is to enjoy it, and keep learning new skills.
Qualifications: I came to Dublin to work straight out of school in Cork so I only had time to squeeze in a Diploma in Marketing, Sales & PR.
Working hours: Well my contract says 9-5:30, but like many people in this industry, the odd 12 hour day isn’t unheard of and to be honest, I check my mails 24/7!
Breaktime: I think I’m single handedly putting the owner of Matt the Threshers’ children through college
Social media credentials: I use facebook for fun, occasionally find Twitter useful, but not always.  I have a Google+ account but don’t use it.  LinkedIn is where I spend my time.  I use it in work, at home and on the go.  It’s incredibly useful as a source of industry info.
Twitter: @ad2onedublin, @munsterpete  LinkedIn company page
News sources: I always check out LinkedIn first thing, and twitter.  I also keep an eye on, and about a dozen other sources.
Onsite or offsite: When we’re not responding to briefs we’re meeting clients, the best days are when we’ve an empty office and everyone is out hustling.
Digital strategy/vision: Digital is what we do, and our strategy is to make it work as hard as possible for our clients.  Mobile is a big part of our strategy for 2013 and beyond.
I love Mondays because: It’s the beginning of a fresh week with new possibilities, and I get to read the Prosperity Blog 😉  (Editor’s note: :) ) I’d be lying if I said I prefer it to Saturdays though!

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