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Why I Love Mondays

Roseanne Smith has been a recruitment consultant here in Prosperity since July 2011.

Prosperity is a recruitment agency specialising in the recruitment of online and digital professionals.
Job description: This is my first role as a recruiter and I love it. It’s a very social role but still requires that I keep right up to date on everything online which is a big passion for me.
Likes: I love meeting the people who are making digital happen in Ireland and beyond. I love the fact that social media is an integral part of my role and that Prosperity walks the digital walk.
Career ladder: I’ve had a pretty unusual career to date but the one thing that featured throughout was digital. Even back when I was designing sets I was creating interactive sets. I have worked in television in the TG4 newsroom and as Hector’s researcher on Amú san Áis among other programmes. I have worked on online, community and cultural projects in the Irish language voluntary sector and most recently held the position of membership manager with the Irish Internet Association.
Qualifications: I have a degree in Drama Studies & Modern Irish, a MSc in Multimedia Systems and a MSc in Social Research Skills.
Working hours: I work 9 to 5.30 although with three kids, a blog and a serious crochet habit it’s more like every waking minute is work.
Breaktime: Since we moved into the city centre I desperately try not to go shopping at lunchtime although there has been some serious browsing around the Grafton street area… Christmas is coming!
Social media credentials: I am without a doubt a social media addict. There is an app for everything I do. I have an app to help with my running, my crochet, I read on my Kindle app on my iPad, I play online games and watch TV on my iOS devices. I blog at, tweet at or you can ‘LinkIn’ with me at You can also read my monthly tech column on
News sources: I love my Zite and Flipboard iPad apps which allow me to pull content from all my networks, favourite sites and my reader. Zite in particular allows me to show my preference by keyword, author and site. Twitter and Facebook are also great sources of news for me. Another new kid on the block is the ShowYou app which pulls video content from YouTube, Vimeo but also pulls the video content shared on my networks. I’ll never miss a cat talking again!
Onsite or offsite: I’m based in the office but regularly get out and about to meet clients. My Quickoffice iPad app coupled with Google Docs and Dropbox allows me to capture notes and quickly share with colleagues or re-use when promoting clients to candidates. I also love Evernote for capturing all kinds of notes, lists, pics and audio on the fly but the new Reminders feature on iOS is quickly getting a lot of love from me.
Digital strategy/vision: It’s not unusual for us in Happinessworks HQ to wonder how on earth people recruited before email or mobile phones. The ubiquity of smartphones, especially in our niche area, allows us to keep candidates informed of great opportunities. More and more of our work will be affected by this change in use and therefore our content will adapt to this. As I use Twitter to keep abreast of news and views I know other users will tune into my stream during the times that they are seeking a new role too so I will continue to grow and rely on my social networks. I’m also aware that there is a fear that Twitter is forcing all messages to become 140 characters but more and more I see clients recruiting content specialists who are also responsible for social media. This shows an understanding for a need for substance behind the social.
I love Mondays because: I know that somewhere somebody has the buzz of starting a new job and I helped get them there 🙂

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