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    The Magenta Magpie

    September 21st, 2011

    Hello Prosperity Blog readers! I’m Roseanne, the newest biddie on the Prosperity block. I started with Prosperity in July and it has taken me this long to get my act together to pull together a blog post! In fact I rocked in here on my first day, demanding login details for the blog. My, they must be disappointed. However it’s not that I haven’t been thinking about it… but more on that anon.

    First allow me to dispense with the formalities and introduce myself properly. I’m a long time blogger myself, blogging on my own blog since 2003: if there were prizes for longevity I would have scooped them all and that’s about the only one I’d be good for. I also have an extremely occasional podcast and until recently many people in the digital sector in Ireland had met me through my previous role as Membership manager with the IIA. Many people on Twitter etc. know me as the crocheter who cooks and bakes, all with varying levels of success. However the constant in my life since I was a teenager has been technology: ever since my eldest brother won a ZX Spectrum in a Telecom Éireann Art Competition (I know, weird prize, right?!) I’ve been hooked.

    MagpieSo I decided that I would write an occasional blog post for the Prosperity blog about all the shiny and interesting links that I happen upon in my virtual travels. With that in mind I have been squirreling away some of my favourite links for your reading pleasure over the last few months. So here goes [deep breath]:

    • Now I know that I said this was going to be about shiny things but I’m going to kick off with a list of ugly things but this was a hot favourite when I shared it on Twitter recently: 10 Ugly SEO Tools that Actually Rock
    • I had a big Skype chat with a group of Springboard students in UCC and during the course of the conversation suggested they read Erin Kissane’s great book “Elements of Content Strategy” It’s not a new publication but it’s a classic (and I would do well to heed my own advice and finish reading my own copy!)
    • Content was a hot topic last week as Refresh Dublin focussed on the topic with CoryAnn Joseph of iQContent and Des Traynor of sharing their own unique perspectives on content. I would HIGHLY recommend getting yourself along to the regular Refresh events. I even managed to nab myself a lovely new t-shirt which I wore with pride at the weekend. (On the topic of content I actually am recruiting two very different content roles at the moment…)
    • While I have been out and about I still have not managed to make the most of the #tweetseats from CrackBird Dublin but I couldn’t help thinking about them when I read about this clever little app from TablesReady. It’s even endorsed by the Cheers Bar in Boston no less. Nothing like a bit of celebrity architecture to make a link seem even shinier, eh?
    • During an actual night out (at the Chambers Ireland Corporate Social Responsibility Awards no less!) I got to talking to my dinner companions about women in technology. The very next day, bless their memories, Michelle Daly and Pauline Sargent shared this very comprehensive list of 100 Women Bloggers you should be reading. And yes that is the sound of my Google Reader exploding!
    • I’m a big Foursquare fan (yes I announced my child’s imminent arrival with a late night checkin to the Coombe…) so I love this little video that gives a really clear view of how busy 4sq is and where.
      A Week of Check-ins on the Path to One Billion from foursquare on Vimeo.
    • I was interested to read on ReadWriteWeb about the acquisition of Ning, the network of social networks I always meant to check out! I think it’s mad to read about the traffic these sites receive: they get “40 million global unique visitors” to their network every month and will add that to the acquiring’s 200 million visitors. This is an area that the IIA Social Media Working Group which I remain a member of, will be looking at during a session on International Social Media this evening over in Populis (and much thanks to them for hosting). Follow myself or the chair Eoin Kennedy on Twitter later today to catch a stream or tweets on this session.
    • I love this infographic that I picked up from Rounds who are all about Facebook video chat: it’s about the evolution of long distance relationships. Technology is bringing us all closer – aaaww. Well except for the trolls… And on that note I’ll take flight until the next time the Magenta Magpie spots another shiny link!
    • Evolution of Long distance relationships

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