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  • RTE Delivers On-Pause Ads

    RTE, in collaboration with Mindshare and Unilever Ireland, have created a clever and potent advertising platform in their new ‘On Pause’ campaign for Lyons tea.

    This is basically a clever way of leveraging Video on Demand by delivering ads once a video is paused – in this instance ads for Lyons Tea will be served, a nice play on the pause or ‘taking a break’ scenario.

    While traditional Irish media organisations are generally playing catch-up when it comes to digital, it is refreshing to see RTE  develop such an innovative ad segment, especially in that TV  is moving away from a linear format and to an On Demand one. This technology offers a potent means of further monetising the On Demand format.

    This campaign is soon to  be followed by a campaign for Knorr Quick Soup.

    You can view an example of the RTE ‘On-Pause’ in action here  (Don’t forget to pause!)

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    One Response to “RTE Delivers On-Pause Ads”

    1. Fiona Says:

      3 unskippable pre-roll ads on the RTE player before the programme even starts is a bit greedy. At least the ‘On-Pause’ is closable. It’s a clever idea but I think there needs to be an either/or with the pre-roll and the on pause otherwise you run the risk of the viewer losing interest and giving up.

      That said, the on-pause is less intruisive so much more applicable in striking the balance of trafficing ads without annoying the viewer.

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